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Fraud Protection Tips

Scammers &
Phishing Attempts
Creating Strong
Security Credentials
Monitoring Transactions
Multifactor Authentication

Fighting Off Scammers and Fishing Attempts

Williamsport Teacher Credit Union will never contact members via phone, email, text message or cell phone to request your personal information such as:

  • Social security number
  • Account number
  • Card number or PIN
  • Online banking credentials

If you receive such a call, hang up and call Williamsport Teachers Credit Union directly. Fighting Off Scammers and Fishing Attempts

Creating Strong Security Credentials

In order to keep our accounts as secure as possible it is important to choose strong security credentials. As tempting as it is to use birthdays or street addresses, scammers look for those simple passwords to hack accounts and steal your private information. By initially choosing secure passwords and PINS, we offer more protection to our accounts.

Monitoring Transactions

In order to monitor spending, many Financial Institutions offer transaction alerts. To set up these alerts, you can logon to your banking portal and access your account services. Most institutions offer “manage alerts” where you can set up either an email or text message any time a transaction has been made to your account.

Checking your accounts regularly, whether it be by stopping into the office or through online banking helps customers stay safe. Daily/weekly account monitoring is a great way to insure that your personal information stays just that, personal.

Multifactor Authentication

What is multifactor authentication? There are two main types of authentication, MFA or 2FA.

MFA or Multi Factor Authentication is where multiple pieces of information are used to verify an account. For example: OTP-”One Time Password”. OTPs are those 4-8 digit codes that you often receive via email or SMS to login to your account.

2FA or Two Factor Authentication lets you quickly and easily verify users by requiring two methods to authenticate identity. For example: A secondary email on the account will receive a code in which you use to login your account. Another example would be a biometric identifier such as an iris/facial scan or a fingerprint.

How to Contact the Credit Bureaus

TRANSUNION- 1-800-916-8800
EXPERIAN- 1-800-493-1058
EQUIFAX- 1-888-548-7878


The Williamsport Teachers Credit Union is working hard to provide the security to protect your accounts from scams and threats. We have securities, firewalls, and additional protection to help keep your information private and safe. We do not share your information with companies or people unless we are given permission from you. It is important, though, that you are doing your part to help protect your identity. Take into consideration the following before logging into your account: Make sure you are on a secure WIFI – for example public places who offer WIFI usually are not secure and your information can be compromised from someone close by.

Don’t use the same password – make sure when you set up your passwords they are not easy information to steal like your name or birth date.

Shred all financial documents – all paperwork with your account numbers or financial information should be shred not discarded.

Protect your social security number – don’t give out your social security number or personal information to anyone on the telephone, through the mail or over the internet, unless you have verified that it is secure. Use anti-virus anti-spyware software – never click on links sent to you in unsolicited emails, even if they appear to be from someone you know. Keep your virus protections up-to-date.

If your identity is compromised you can log onto the Federal Trade Commission website, . They can provide you with guidance to help correct what has happened. If you would like more information about what we are doing to protect you give us a call at the office, 570-323-6468 , we are always glad to help.

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*Fraudsters posing as bank workers may ask you for login information, including your personal information. WTCU will never text or call to ask for this confidential information. *

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